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The Publishing Guide builds on theEuropeana Publishing Framework (EPF). The EPF goes beyond minimum metadata requirements for data publication in the Europeana website by addressing the quality of the metadata (through Tiers A, B, and C) and the quality of the content (through Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4). It includes recommendations to help data partners increase the quality of their data from the lowest to the highest tiers, in order to achieve many of the following benefits: findability, web traffic increase, use in collections and exhibitions, reuse in partnerships, apps or services, and also by the creative industry. These criteria have been designed to help data partners to understand what is required to ensure that their digital collections are always considered to be accurate, findable and usable by our audiences. In addition to the Europeana Publishing Framework, the acceptance criteria at the heart of the Europeana Publishing Guide fit within existing documentation and policies, e.g. the EDM mapping guidelines; the Europeana Licensing Framework, and the Europeana Content Strategy).

The acceptance criteria are also applied to legacy material (material already published on the Europeana website). This means data quality will be improved and metadata which is not compliant with the criteria may be removed. We will consult any affected data partners to manage and implement this over time, with the aim of ensuring a consistent improvement in data quality.