ContentTier 1: Audio type

It is best practice for audio files to be published in a quality that preserves the quality of the underlying recording. On a web-based platform like the Europeana website, an important criterion is direct access to an audio file that can be played in a web browser without the need for additional software (plugins).

If you are contributing audio material to Europeana because you want it to be discoverable in the Europeana website then you need to provide a minimum of a link to the audio file or a website on which the audio file can be accessed. It is recommended to provide both, the link to the audio file and the link to the website on which the audio file can be accessed in full infomation context (edm:isShownAt). We also recommend that a link to a still image file is at least 0.1 megapixel in size to have the means to create ~400 pixels preview images to represent the audio file on the Europeana website (such as an album cover or similar).





Working edm:isShownAt 

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For example records per edm:type = AUDIO, see page .