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Tier 1 requirements per edm:type

Europeana website as a search engine: ‘I want to search and browse collections online’


What you are

‘We are a national archive, and we have digitised our photography collections which form a large corpus of work spanning the whole 20th century. They provide a fantastic overview of the history of our country in that period. The quality of the digitised images varies, as we started the process over 10 years ago. The earliest scans are of a much lower quality than the ones we did recently. We would like the general public to get to know these collections but we are not always able to make them available for reuse as some of the collections are from private entities who do not allow reuse. Europeana is a great way for us to standardise our data to make it interoperable, so we’d like to make our collections available on the Europeana website and increase their visibility.’ 

What you want

You want to make your organisation and your content more visible in a European context. For you, making your collections accessible on the Europeana website is a great first step to increasing visibility. You may still be investigating what works best for your collections, or what is possible from a legal perspective.

What you deliver

Tier 1 of the EPF is the lowest of the four publishing tiers in Europeana, which allows you to make your organisation and your content more visible in a European context via the Europeana website and the Europeana APIs.

The criteria for tier 1 define the minimum requirements for digital objects to be published with Europeana. These criteria are different depending on the media type that is foreseen to be made available and are therefore specified accordingly.

Overview on content tier 1 per content type

What we do

Create a preview. Europeana will use the link to the image to create a preview that will then  be stored on a Europeana server. This image will only be used to illustrate search results on the Europeana website. To access the digital object or more information about it, Europeana visitors will be directed to the webpage that you have specified

Allow your metadata to be reused. The preview image can be used by visitors to the Europeana website under the same legal conditions as you have specified for the content. However, the metadata can be used freely by anyone for any purpose. In this scenario, the Europeana API will only provide access to information about the digital object but not to the digital object itself.

What you get

Findability: Your data will be available in a standardised format and indexed by the major search engines like Google and Bing. Linked data technology that runs in the background of Europeana means that whenever people look online for content that matches yours, they’re more likely to find you.

Web traffic: The Europeana website gets millions of visits a year.


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