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Following up with the Recommendations for how to improve the usefulness of guidance material (December 2020), Europeana Foundation (EF) has updated the Publishing Guide , EDM Mapping Guidelines, several other guides and training materials into web-based documentation using Atlassian’s Confluence as a knowledge base software. Alongside this, EF is actively and successfully using other Atlassian products, such as Jira and Trello, which greatly supports the work done internally at EF as well as the collaboration with the data partners.

In this section, we’ll show basic navigation hints that will help you get familiar with the knowledge base as our new space for documentation. For further information requests related to this space, please reach out to or

For those looking to have the information listed in the pages above in .pdf format, the Europeana Knowledge Base allows for exporting the content of a page or of the entire space in either a word/pdf format.

To export of a single page, follow the  . . .  symbol on the right-hand side of the page and chose between word or pdf:


View of the Export to Word/PDF option


To exporting the entire space: click on

Space settings → Manage space → Export space and adjust the settings according to your needs. The following images give an indication on the steps to follow:

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