Impact terminology

Key impact terms

We use these terms in the Change Pathway and elsewhere.

The Europeana Impact Playbook Change Pathway

You’ll fill in each section of the Change Pathway. You’ll have to know what each section means, so here we define each term, starting with impact and working from right to left.

Changes that occur for stakeholders or in society as a result of activities (for which the organisation is accountable).

Actual or intended short, medium and long-term changes experienced by the stakeholder through their engagement with activities. These can be experienced at any point, e.g. in the long or short-term. Outcomes can be negative, positive, expected or unexpected.

The tangible, quantifiable and measurable products and services delivered by activities.

The actual or planned actions undertaken by a person or an organisation in order to achieve their goals.

The investments (inputs) you are making in time and money to realize your activities.


Types of impact

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