Methods quiz

Test what you’ve learned about impact assessment methods! These questions are designed to promote a discussion as much as an agreement on a right answer.

1. Which tool(s) could be effective for gaining a large sample of responses?


2. What methods are still emerging and have little agreed methodological approaches?

Creative methods (and probably many more). That shouldn’t stop you from exploring them, alongside other methods! Consider partnering with a higher education system or reading some research into creative methods.

3. In what contexts might network analysis be worth exploring?

Network analysis might help you understand how participants, e.g. of networking or educational events, are building connections amongst each other. You might also use it to track how your own network or audience is expanding as a result of how you interact with others at events or through memberships like the Europeana Network Association.

4. How might you survey your digital exhibition audiences?

Many ways. You could create a pop-up survey (e.g. HotJar). You might ask for visitors to opt-in to an interview. You might survey your newsletter audience and ask for feedback. You might share a poll or a questionnaire with your social media audiences.

5. How might you survey users accessing an API (application programming interface)?

This is a tricky question which was asked at one of our Impact Community webinars. If the APIs are free to access without registration, then you have no way of contacting your audiences directly. You might use a pop-up survey or link to a questionnaire on the API access page. If you require users to register to use the API, you could share a questionnaire with them directly.

6. Does every project create an economic impact?

7. People’s behaviour changes when they’re being observed. True or false?

8. I do not need a lot of skills to conduct a focus group interview.

9. An online archive wants to track how many people engaged with their digital exhibition. Will they use digital user statistics or social network analysis to do this?

How did you do?

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